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[Project Tracker] Revit 2022 Beta Version

TL;DR: Project Tracker update coming soon. Join the mailing to get it first.

As some might know, the Project Tracker Plugin was part of my Masters research. My main objective with it was to deliver something other than a text that would just be read by a few curious academics. I wanted to do something that would be useful in the 'real world', a helpful tool. However, since I published the plugin at the Autodesk App Store and finished my Masters, this project has been on hold. But now, Project Tracker is getting an update!

In the last couple months, I started receiving user feedback (through email and App Store reviews) asking for a Revit 2022 compatible version of the Project Tracker. This means that if we plot the plug-in usefullness is gradually dropping as people migrate to the newest Revit.

In the attempt to hold the 'usefullness' steady, in the next weeks I'll be dedicating time to develop and publish an update for the Project Tracker. The update will be published in the Autodesk App Store, but if you want get it in first hand, click the button below and fill out the form.

With this, you will join the list to receive a Beta version of the plug-in or — if you preffer — to be notified by email when the new version is published at the store. In both cases, you will be providing valuable feedback, helping this project going and the 'usefulness line' growing.




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